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Collins Cobuild English Collocations Shows valid combinations of words! CD-ROM

0003710815  List price: US$76.00  Sale price: US$55.00  


Collocation: an arrangement, as of words in a sentence

If you are ever unsure if a particular combinations of words is correct this is the reference for you. This is the only collocation we know of on CD. See note on the availability of this product toward the bottom of the page.

From the publisher

Available for Windows on IBM or compatible PC.

This is an amazingly simple but powerful language resource. On this CD-ROM you have access at the click of a button to 140,000 English collocations (frequent word combinations) and 2,600,000 real examples of how these word combinations are used. The collocations and the real examples are extracted from a corpus of 200 million words: the Bank of English. Here you will discover idioms, phrasal verbs, compounds, fixed phrases and grammatical patterns fully supported with evidence from authentic speech and writing.

Really easy interface and get straight to the real data

Choose a node word from the 10,000 included on the CD-ROM. These are the core vocabulary items of English. Once you've selected a word just click to bring up on screen a list of the most significant collocates. Up to twenty collocates are shown, in decreasing frequency order. Choose one of the collocates and click again to see a screen of examples of this collocation from real texts, spoken as well as written.

A Quick Guided Tour of the CD-ROM...

Here is the opening screen showing part of the list of 10,000 node words. The absolute frequency of each node word in the corpus is shown for easy comparison: all the node words included on the CD-ROM have a frequency of greater than 500 in the corpus, so peculiar, rare and highly specialised words are not featured.

Now the collocates are displayed...

The node secure has been selected and the list of collocates for this word is shown. Alongside each collocate is its frequency of co-occurrence with the node word secure. You may notice the second most frequent collocate listed is release: secure is often used not just as an adjective as in "safe and secure" but is often a verb with a rather different meaning as in "efforts to secure the release of the hostages". The collocate efforts also appears very significant further down the list.

At the top of the collocate list is a "Stopwords" option: when selected, this switches the display to show whether any of the very high frequency function words (such as the, of or in, for example) collocate significantly with the node word. A set of these frequent function words (just over 50 of them) are treated as "stopwords"; that is, they are not listed among the normal collocations but are grouped separately and no examples are provided for collocations of a node and a stopword. These stopwords collocate regularly with very many of the node words and can be seen in the examples for the more lexical collocations. For example, knowledge appears as a collocate and is found most often in the phrase "secure in the knowledge that...". The stopwords in and the will be seen many times in the examples for this collocation.

Click again to see lots of real examples of the collocation...

Here the user has selected the collocate place and displayed 20 examples randomly selected from the 171 instances in the corpus where secure co-occurs with place. Each line of the text is a different example. The examples are presented sorted by the word to the right of the node word: this groups certain patterns together, such as "secure second/third place". Notice how many of these examples are from a sporting context in which teams or individuals compete for a place in the next stage of the event.

Each example can be expanded to show more context...

This example is typical. It is a piece of sports journalism from a British newspaper. If you were talking to your brother on the phone about the football match you played in last Saturday and you said "...and so we secured a place in the quarter-final..." you would sound most peculiar! The phrase "secure a place" used in a sports context has a clear journalistic style and is inappropriate in informal conversation.

This software can be fully installed to your hard drive for fast easy access. We provide printed instructions from Harper Collins Tech Support on how to do this.

System requirements

Platform: IBM PC (compatible)
Media: CD-ROM

Minimum system requirements

80386SX Processor
DOS 5.0 or higher
Microsoft windows 3.1 or higher
Works on Windows XP (base on user reports)
5Mb hard disk space
Windows-compatible CD-ROM drive
Microsoft mouse or compatible

For Networks
We are sorry but this title is out of print and Network Licenses are no longer available even if you already have a copy of the CD. However you may write to the editorial staff about this. Just click here

This CD is now out of stock and out of print and the publisher has no plans to come out with a new edition of this product. However, we regularly get requests for a new version of this product. If you are interested please click here and email the cobuild editorial staff that you are interested in a new release of the Cobuild Collocation on CD.

Collins Cobuild English Collocations Shows valid combinations of words! CD-ROM 0003710815  List price: US$76.00  Sale price: US$55.00  

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