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The Debate Over the Nature of Reality (Softcover)

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0897390201  US$5.95  

Reality may be viewed as spiritual, material or a combination of both. This book of essays brings together data from different fields, including philosophy, history, religion, physics, chemistry and biology. It shows that over time the subject of spirituality has been squeezed out of the popular and scientific discussion, leaving behind a strictly materialist interpretation of existence. The purpose of the book is to give a student an orientation to the broader picture so that he can make up his own mind rather than being simply swept along in the current trends. The essays are: "The Mind-Body Debate", "A History of the Material-Spiritual Discussion" and "The Doctrine of Materialism". For students high school and up. 56 pages.

Preface from the book

This group of essays serves as text material for a course at the high school senior level. The course itself requires additional individual research. It is part of the Heron Curriculum, a K-12 curriculum developed initially for use in the Delphian School in Sheridan, Oregon (www.delphian.org), and subsequently also used in the network of Delphi Academies around the U.S., as well as in other schools and in homes.

The course is designed to arm a student with the awareness that there are more sides to the material-spiritual issue than what he is likely to run into in modern media and scientific presentations. Because the public scientific environment and attitude is so monolithically materialistic, it becomes necessary to emphasize the alternative view that some spiritual aspect to reality is not only not at odds with true science, but can help it meet challenges it encounters in the realm of man and his cultures.

Without this sort of introduction, and surrounded by materialistic assumptions in marketing, education, media, science, medicine and especially psychology, it is quite a hill to climb for a young person (or any person) to see far enough past these assumptions to achieve his own reason and judgment in the area. The aim here is just to give some help in finding a balance.

About the Authors:

Alan Larson was the Founding Headmaster of the Delphian School in Sheridan Oregon, as well as the director of the expanding network of Delphi Academies. In 1990 he retired from these duties to devote full time to further development of the curriculum used in the schools. This curriculum is now published by Heron Books. His own education focused on mathematics and physics (Ph.D. Mathematics, Stanford University).

Jay Nunley has worked since the founding of the Delphian School on the development of its cur- riculum. Also trained as a scientist (Ph.D. Ecology, University of California, Davis), he has been committed to helping students take increas- ing charge of their educations and become aware of biases introduced into education and society by special interests, be they scientific or political.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

The Debate Over the Nature of Reality (Softcover) 0897390201  US$5.95  

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