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Mexico - schools and tutors

Centro De Education Alive
Calle Trece No. 85, Col Espartaco
Coyoacan, 4870 MEXICO
Phone: 52 55 5678 0997

Aida Del Rio
Dr. Vertil #480-6
Atenor Salas, C.P. 03010 MEXICO
Phone: 55556746464

ITE Jalapa
Centro Corregidora #24-A
Veracruz, MEXICO
Phone: 52 22 8818 4519

Play And Learn English And Communication
Bosque Del Castillo 3
La Herra Dura
Huixquilucan, 52784 MEXICO
Phone: 52 55 5294 9479
E-mail: solbabani at hotmail.com

Lorena Yee Ben
Xochitl 17
San Pablo Tepetlapa, COYOACAN 4620 MEXICO
Phone: 56-1715-07
E-mail: geniessdeintag at yahoo.com

Applied Scholastics LATAM
Rio Elba #10 101-A Col.
Cuauhtemoc, D.F. 6500 MEXICO
Phone: +5255 5211 8563
E-mail: apslatam at gmail.com

Instituto Berlan, A.C.
Indiana 203
Del. Benito Juarez
Col. Napoles, DF 3810 MEXICO
Phone: +5255 5615 3310
E-mail: berlan at prodigy.net.mx

Erna Moscona
Av. De Las Fuentes 184 - 717
Tecamachalco, DF MEXICO
Phone: 52 55 5559 6646

Campana Aprendiendo A Aprender Costa Rica
Lina #29 Col. Prados De Coyoacan
Mexico, DF 4810 MEXICO
Phone: 5677-9007
E-mail: pita_prado at yahoo.com

Roberto Hernandez Ceballos
Av. Coyoacan # 1435-405E
Mexico City, DF 3100 MEXICO
Phone: 5534-2484
E-mail: hecer48 at yahoo.com

Noemi Rodriguez
Cerrada Zitacuaro No. 19
Bosques de la Herradura, EdoMex 52783 Mexico
Phone: 55 52957316
E-mail: anoert at hotmail.com

Learning How to Learn (softcover)Learning How to Learn (softcover)
  • Learning How to Learn--Ages 8 & up
  • this book is a manual about how to study
  • help your children to get better grades

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    Learning How to Learn (Softcover) Ages 8 & up 1584600055  List price: US$14.95  Sale price: US$13.50  Language: 

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