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Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 7th Edition (2005) Paperback + CD-ROM

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

0194001067  US$29.95  

From the publisher:

English level: Upper-Intermediate to Advanced

A S Hornby Editor, Seventh Edition: Sally Wehmeier


This is the world's bestselling advanced learner's dictionary, recommended by learners of English and their teachers, and used by 30 million people.

Key features:

  • 183,500 British and American words, phrases, and meanings, plus 85,000 examples showing how words are used.
  • 20,000 word origins explained on the COMPASS CD-ROM.
  • Over 200,000 extra example sentences on the COMPASS CD-ROM.
  • 2,000 new words and meanings from British and American English, such as offshoring, life coach, sex up, wi-fi.
  • 5,000 study words used in the sciences, maths, computing, literature, and business.
  • 700 entries for words from Australia, Canada, East Africa, India, New Zealand, South Africa, and West Africa.
  • Oxford 3000™: the only reliable list in a dictionary to identify the 3,000 keywords students need to know.
  • Special entries for words on the Oxford 3000 list, with extra information on synonyms, collocations, and extra examples to extend vocabulary.
  • 7,000 synonyms and opposites shown.
  • 200 special synonym notes covering 1,200 synonyms.
  • Illustrations and photographs explain 2000+ words.
  • Labelled illustrations show related vocabulary.
  • 32 colour pages illustrate groups of words such as extreme sports, music, etc.
  • Colour maps - much appreciated by teachers and students.
  • 2,600 encyclopedic entries to explain references such as Walter Mitty, Fort Knox, Marie Celeste, Peter Pan, Beacon Hill.
  • Over 10,000 entries on every aspect of British and American culture on the COMPASS CD-ROM.

The Compass CD-ROM has:
  • Everything that’s in the 7th edition
  • Everything in the Oxford Learner’s Wordfinder Dictionary and the
  • Oxford Guide to British and American Culture.
  • Information on 20,000 word origins.
  • Wordfinder - Wordfinder organizes words into groups according to meaning. Look up newspaper and you’ll find all the words related to newspapers: editor, journalist, tabloid, broadsheet, copy, headline…

    Great for homework assignments or projects on unfamiliar topics!
  • Oxford Genie - Click on a word in a Word document, email, or web page, and the Genie will give you an instant definition.

System Requirements:
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP 350 MHZ, 128MB RAM
Macintosh OS 10.2 or higher; 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM
Redhat Linux 9 or higher; 305 MHz, 128 MB Ram
Minimum installation of the software requires 110 MB on hard drive, full installation is 550 MB. Macintosh users must preform a full installation.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 7th Edition (2005) Paperback + CD-ROM 0194001067  US$29.95  

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 7th edition (Hardcover)
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 7th edition (Hardcover)

The World's Best-selling Learner's Dictionary. Radically revised for the new millenium.

Oxford Dictionaries

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