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New Prius 2001 to 2003 Hybrid battery , includes installation, long life, lowest cost per mile

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Prius-01-hv-battery  US$2,250.00  

This is brand new pack purchased from Toyota.

You get a battery new Toyota-Panasonic battery with new connectors and cables.. Has a two year warranty from Toyota. This is not a rebuilt battery with older modules that will start to fail after a year or so. This is a battery that should last longer than original battery in your car did . (As there have been improvements incorporated in the modules.) Especially if you are a high mileage driver (Uber, Lyft etc.) this is the battery for you as the cost per mile is actually less.

These are new batteries. For example on 22 September 2017 we purchased a 2001 battery from Toyota.. The serial numbers on the modules all started with 044S . (See picture above. Also newer wider connection nuts that have more contact area.) Per Toyota Tech Tip T-TT-0365-15 this means the battery modules were made on the 04 day, the 4 month (1-9,X Y Z for the 12 months) and 2017 (A = 1999 B=2000 ... K=2017). So the battery was made 4 March 2017 or just over 6 months before we bought it.)

Even if you are not a high mileage driver consider this option as the battery has resale value even if you decide to junk your car and will also help you sell your car.

New cooper connectors. improved connection nuts with more contact area, battery chemistry improvements for longer life. You should have gotten a lot of years and miles usage out of your orriginal battery this one should last even longer!

New packs are made with the latest battery chemistry. They are more efficient (a 1% mpg increase), generate less heat, have more capacity and last longer with the individual cells no longer failing.

." Primearth (used to be called Panasonic EV) boasts a 100% share of Toyota hybrids.

All of Primearth’s current NiMH batteries are its NP2.0 type, which has an output density of 1,300 watts/kg." , "Primearth Says Toyota Eyes U.S. Battery Plant"
May 15, 2017 Roger Schreffler | WardsAuto

Installation including cleaning the battery fan if you are within 50 miles of Sylmar CA.

Shipping is extra if you are not within 50 miles.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

New Prius 2001 to 2003 Hybrid battery , includes installation, long life, lowest cost per mile Prius-01-hv-battery  US$2,250.00  

We usually ship your order the same day if entered by 4:30 PM. Los Angeles time Monday to Friday. -->    (Sylmar is part of Los Angeles, California.)
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